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June 3, 2015

The Pleasure of Farmers Markets- By Sherry Strong

We are entering the most glorious time of the year for Vancouver, our early summer means the bounty at the Farmer’s Markets is coming into blooming fresh ripeness, ahead of time.

Shopping at Farmer’s Markets can be a little intimidating if all you’ve known is the supermarket, I was initially intimidated but soon grew to look forward to it as the social highlight of my week. Everyone is a geek about something. I can tell you how it is worth the effort to detour from convenience and routine but this story illustrates it better.

When I lived in Australia, I was filming a documentary and did a little social experiment. I went to my favourite Farmers Market at the Collingwood Children’s Farm with a film crew and asked people one question, ‘How do you feel about shopping on a Saturday morning. It wasn’t long before I had a queue of people hungry to tell me how much they loved it, the food tasted better, they got to connect and thank the people growing their food, it was much fresher and that it was the highlight of their social week. I’d found my food geek tribe. In contrast, on the same morning, I went to the local Coles Supermarket and asked people the same question. No one wanted to talk to me. One woman finally agreed and she sheepishly told me she normally shops at the markets but it was her grandson’s birthday and she was in a hurry.

There’s such a clear difference in the pleasure factor that comes from shopping at Farmer’s Markets compared to the supermarket experience. What once was foreign to many is now a joy.

My big seasonal tip is to catch the asparagus before it runs out. Twice, I was too late this year and it sold out. Of all the vegetables, asparagus’ taste is dramatically changed the farther it is from picking and when it is freshly picked the stalks are so sweet and creamy bursting with flavour, they are not to be missed.

I’m always envious of those cycling to the markets for the health and environmental reasons, and the Trout Lake Farmer’s Market has a bike minding area, which is cool. The only thing is the amount I buy was prohibitive to carry on my bike so if you’re like me car2go is a fabulous option.

We have some beautiful locations for the markets and no shortage of organic foods being grown locally. The ‘How to Eat Organic for $70 a Week’ was a sold out hit in May at The Green Moustache and an is being held in Whistler if you’re up there June 8th. The class highlights how using Farmer’s Markets to get your organics as well as augmenting with reasonably priced organic products like those from Earth’s Choice , can all contribute to spending less and getting more in the way of nutrients, flavour while helping out our planet.

Sherry Strong is the author of Return to Food – the life-changing anti-diet, she ’s the ‘Food Coaches COACH ’ & CEO of the Return to Food Academy. For more resources, recipes, tips and strategies to develop a healthier relationship with food, your body and the planet, go to

March 24, 2015

Your Invitation to a FREE Concert at UBC

In concert with UBC Athletics, we invite you and a guest(s) to come celebrate the 30-year UBC tradition that is Storm the Wall at their after party concert on Thursday March 26 from 15:30-18:30 at the Pit Pub . car2go members will gain FREE admission to the concert and BBQ. The concert features talented artists like:

  • The Land of Deborah
  • Ben Everyman
  • Luca Fogale
  • Chloe Ann Lloyd
  • Saphira Elektra

Seating and free BBQ is on a first come first served basis so early arrivals will enjoy the best seats and grub!

Nov 28, 2014


Using Santa’s distribution network, we’ve partnered with awesome local businesses to surprise you with a holiday treat! More than 420 surprises will be left under the windshield wipers through the holidays – so keep your eyes peeled!

Please reward our awesome participating partners with your patronage. Happy Holidays from car2go and all our partners:

Gifts Available to be found: 50

Gifts Available to be found: 100

Gifts Available to be found: 200

Gifts Available to be found: 10

Gifts Available to be found: 12

Gifts Available to be found: 3

Gifts Available to be found: 10

Gifts Available to be found: 2

Gifts Available to be found: 10

Gifts Available to be found: 2

Gifts Available to be found: 4

Gifts Available to be found: 6

Gifts Available to be found: 2

Gifts Available to be found: 4

Gifts Available to be found: 3

Gifts Available to be found: 2

Nov 25, 2014


The new car2go app has a new design and a new function: After the update, the app will be even more intuitive and you will need one less card in your wallet. Because your smartphone will now do the job that the membership card has done up to now.

New design – same functions

  • Find your car2go as usual from the updated map and reserve it free of charge.
  • A reserved car2go is displayed with an orange-coloured clock – at the top right you can see the remaining minutes of the rental.
  • Using the main menu at the top left, you can also view the details of your previous rentals – with the starting point and the destination, driving and parking times, and also the price of the journey.

car2go rental in 5 steps:

If you wish to open a car2go in the future, you won’t need your membership card as previously; your smartphone alone will suffice:

  1. Select car2go and reserve in advance free of charge if desired.
  2. Then click “Start rental” directly on the app.
  3. Confirm the general terms and conditions if you have not already done so – for example when registering.
  4. The car2go opens and your rental begins.
  5. Check the vehicle for any damage as usual, then enter your PIN on the touchscreen, and follow the other steps.

Ending a car2go rental in 5 steps:

To make ending the rental even easier for you, your rental will now end automatically.

1. Insert the key and the cards in the slots provided.

2. Close the windows, switch off the lights and get out of the vehicle.

3. After you have closed all the doors and the boot, the fifteen-second countdown commences. This is displayed on the touchscreen in the vehicle and in the card reader behind the windscreen.

4. If you open the car2go during the countdown, the countdown stops and the rental continues.

5. After the countdown has finished, the car2go locks automatically. Your rental ends automatically.


If you have grown to like using your membership card, you can of course continue to use it. You can continue to open and close your car2go with your membership card as well as open it with your smartphone.

In order to use the current version of the app, you will need a smartphone with iOS7, Android 4.0 or higher and mobile internet access. Download the app now or update the current version.

Nov 17, 2014

Member Event This Saturday at The Vancouver Christmas Market!

Join us for car2go Members Day this Saturday Nov 22 from 11:00-18:30 at The Vancouver Christmas Market ! The first 1,700 members to arrive will receive a FREE admission voucher from us. This voucher can be used at any time during the Market.

Enjoy the fast track VIP line for quicker admission: Just show your member card to skip the regular line. Non-members are welcome to accompany you in the VIP line but will not receive member benefits.

Please note: You will need to obtain a Season’s Pass for re-entry if you wish to return to the Market for free. Every member will receive a complimentary Season’s Pass; be sure to request this from the Market’s ticket agent.

The car2go team will be set up by the entrance of the Christmas Market every Saturday-Sunday so you can win drive time each day you visit. Free car2go parking is located at 688 Cambie (@Dunsmuir). When full, unlimited overflow parking is available on L2 at the parkade at 150 W Pender.

Can’t Make the Event?

No problem! You can enjoy 50% off admission courtesy of the Vancouver Christmas Market when you arrive with your member card any Monday-Thursday.

About the Christmas Market

From November 22 to December 24, 2014, we can all enjoy the 5th year of changing the way Vancouver celebrates the Christmas season. This authentic German Christmas Market creates the perfect atmosphere to mix and mingle with friends and family, take in a quick drink after work or business lunch (be sure to use their 2 for 1 Lunch Pass), and take in a wide variety of cultural activities and entertainment events.

During your visits to the Christmas Market you’ll experience their mix of traditional food and beverage, as well as a selection of authentic wood carvings and toys, knitted goods, nutcrackers, pottery and other unique gifts. Make sure to check out the many kids’ activities to make and personalize Christmas gifts and treats, and ride downtown Vancouver’s only Christmas Carousel. For more information click here .

Santa Will Be Arriving Via car2go

Santa Claus has found some time in his busy Christmas time schedule and is looking forward to meeting you every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 4:30pm – Dec. 6th through Dec. 21st.


Sept 10, 2014

As a thank you to the artists who helped make the car2go Concert Series possible, we have named them all car2go stars! With their talent and energy, we were able to help raise money and awareness for Leave Out Violence BC (LOVE BC). We would like to share their music with you, so please visit their website and enjoy!

Through folk, indie-pop alternating rhythms and melodies, Saphira Elektra creates tunes to bring joy and movement into people’s lives. Discover more about Saphira at

As a folk musician, Luca draws great influence from classic poets and songwriters alike in order to create music that conveys awareness and communicates a powerful message to the listener, a quality that has resulted in an extremely dedicated fan base. Luca was a top 20 finalist in the Peak Performance Project in 2013, and is currently working on debuting his first full-length album. Learn more about Luca at

Chloe Anne Lloyd mixes both the sincerity of Folk-Americana with the rough edge of blues to create her own unique yet familiar sound. She’s a force to be reckoned with, all wrapped up in one tiny package. Her debut (self titled) EP dropped April 27th 2014. Discover Chloe Anne Lloyd at

After a number of years on the road as a backpacker, oil rig worker and treeplanter, Pernell decided to give music a shot. He’s been performing at festivals, camps, clubs, pubs, cafes and cabarets across western Canada for several years, playing as far north as Haida Gwaii and as far east as Toronto, Ontario. For a show stopping show near you go to !

True to his name, Ben Everyman makes music that cavorts carelessly across folk, blues, country, and rap, dripping with cutting wit and satirical humour. Some say he sounds like Beck, and Bob Dylan, writing absurdist poems about Johnny Cash in his mother’s basement, and he has been known to make people laugh and cry, often at the same time. Check him out at

Explore the sound of Mexican folk/pop and world music with the sweet voice of Monika Schwartzman, a car2go star! One of her career highlights is being invited to compose and share her music for the two seasons of the Mexican TV Series “Bienes Raices” and the recording of her first EP “Sweet Love”.  Get ready for some acoustic tunes full of a special energy and pure inspiration of Monika Schwartzman at

The voices and talent of Evan Miller and Aleisha Kalina have earned this couple an EP to be produced this year, a spot with the Peak Performance Project, and more! The Wild Romantics put immense value on being able to share their stories of love, life, loss and learning by taking their own experiences and creating stories that audiences relate to personally and can take home with them. Check them out at

Tessa Mouzourakis is a singer/songwriter with experience performing at venues and festivals around the Lower Mainland and Washington, USA as well as recent performances in London, England. She is a student at the Sarah McLachlan School of Music and plays guitar, piano, mandolin and ukulele. Look for her debut EP in the Fall of 2014! Discover more about Tessa at


Sept 2, 2014

UBC Parking Changes

  1. UBC O Lot (6300 Agronomy Rd): CLOSED due to construction
  2. UBC Bus Loop: This on-street parking space has been relocated South half a block along Wesbrook Mall (@University Blvd). This location fits 16 car2gos. Kindly maximize parking space by reversing all the way back into these spots to allow the next member to park in front of you.
  3. Regent College: Entrance at 2208 Wesbrook Mall has space for 8 car2go. Please pull forward into these spaces to allow double parking. NOTE: This lot does not have overflow parking so do not park here if the lot is full. See #4 for available overflow parking.
  4. Ross House: Entrance is at 2233 Allison Rd and has space for 12 car2gos. Overflow parking is permitted in this lot in the spots adjacent to the car2go reserved parking.
  5. 2500 West Mall (@Agronomy): Entrance is South of Agronomy Rd, by Totem Park Residence. On street spaces that fit 4 car2gos. Reverse all the way back into spaces to maximize parking.
  6. Save-On-Foods Lot (5945 Berton Ave): Fits 8 car2go. Kindly pull forward in space to allow double parking in car2go reserved stalls.
  7. 5900 Walter Gage Rd: On street space that fits 4 car2gos.
  8. UBC Armo Lot 6: Entrance is off of 6300 Crescent Rd. Enter the lot using Somerset Lane. Lot is located behind the Sing Tao Bldg and fits 6 car2gos
  9. 1900 Lower Mall Rd (@Agricultural Rd): On street space that fits 4 car2gos. Reverse all the way back into spaces to maximize parking.
  10. 2300 Lower Mall Rd (@Agronomy): On street space that fits 4 car2gos. Reverse all the way back into spaces to maximize parking.
  11. Totem Residence (@Thunderbird Blvd): On street space that fits 4 car2gos. Reverse all the way back into spaces to maximize parking.
  12. 2389 Health Sciences Mall (@Agronomy): Enter lane from Agronomy Rd, between Gerald McGavin Bldg and Donald Rix Bldg. On street space that fits 3 car2gos. Reverse all the way back into spaces to maximize parking.
  13. UNA Parking: Parking in Hawthorn and Wesbrook Place Neighbourhood is available for members to end their trip. ONLY park where signs read “No parking except maintenance and authorized vehicles”. These areas can be found at

For a list/map of all designated parking locations, click .

Student Registration Deal!

Students can register for FREE + get 30 min of driving. To redeem the offer, register with the promotion code STUDENT0030 at and get FREE registration and 30 free minutes of drive time!*

*Note: Offer valid for new members only. Must have valid student ID. Drive time is valid for 45 days. Drive time can only be used in Vancouver. A $2 annual fee applies and is donated to Leave Out Violence BC (LOVE).


August 28, 2014

car2go Vancouver  is expanding its Satellite Parking Locations to meet the growing needs of its more than 54,000 registered members.

In addition to current Satellite Parking Locations (including Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal, Grouse Mountain, all Kwantlen University campuses, and the International Summer Night Market in Richmond), car2go will now have on-site parking at Capilano University in North Vancouver.

Beginning September 2, members will be able to pick up and drop off a car2go at Capilano University. Members may also start or end their trip anywhere within the Home Area and at Satellite Parking Locations outside of it. For example, you could start a trip in Vancouver and end it in the North Vancouver Capilano University campus.

Capilano University Parking

Two car2go designated parking spots are available in Parking Lot 1. These spaces allow for double parked car2gos so kindly pull forward to allow room for the next member to park.

Overflow car2go parking is available in Parking Lot 3. Note that you may only park in spots marked “Employee Reserved Spaces”. For a full map, click here . Note that members are not permitted to end their trip outside of the car2go designated parking spaces.

Student Registration Deal Available

A limited-time promotion is on now for University students. To redeem the offer, register with the promotion code STUDENT0030 at and get FREE registration and 30 free minutes of drive time!*

*Note: Offer valid for new members only. Must have valid student ID. Drive time is valid for 45 days. Drive time can only be used in Vancouver. A $2 annual fee applies and is donated to Leave Out Violence BC (LOVE).


August 7, 2014

The car2go Concert Series Continues!

Kick off the last month of summer with the second car2go Concert Series! We are hosting the car2go Concert Series as part of our VIVA Vancouver celebrations on Saturday, August 9. Join us for an afternoon of live music from local bands while raising money for our official charity, Leave Out Violence BC (LOVE BC) ! We will also have LOVE youth performing as well!

When: Saturday, August 9 from 11pm-6pm
Where: 600 block of Granville St (between Georgia and Dunsmuir)
What: Drop by to enjoy some live music from local bands, discounted food from Guanaco Truck (bring your member card), and a chance to win drive time!

Band set list:
– LOVE youth – Avery, Kelly, Kaya
– Saphira Elektra
– The Wild Romantics

– Tessa Mouzourakis

See you there!

July 21, 2014

Member Event!

Join us for the first event of the car2go Concert Series- a charity event to raise money for our official charity, Leave Out Violence BC (LOVE) . It will be an afternoon of live music from local bands, tasty food, fundraising , and great company!

When: Sunday, July 27 from 12pm-5pm
Where: Raw Canvas (1046 Hamilton St). Age 19+.
What: An afternoon of music, food, and painting if desired! Enjoy music from Luca Fogale, Ben Everyman, and more!
Cost: Admission and painting by donation to LOVE BC (cash only please)

Band set list:

– Pernell Reichert
– Chloe Anne Lloyd
– Ben Everyman
– Saphira de Gobeo
– The Land of Deborah

Space is limited so seating and food is first come first serve. See you there!

June 27, 2014

Designated car2go Parking Now Available at Grouse Mountain!

As of now, members can start or end their trip while visiting Grouse Mountain! Overflow parking is available and members may park for free while visiting.

Grouse Activities

What would I do there you ask? Well, you could climb the Grind, take the scenic Skyride, go ziplining, and much more! for details on what you can do at Grouse this Summer.

Where to Park

When you arrive, kindly park in the designated carshare spaces first (see where the car2go car is on the map below for details). If the carshare spots are full, you are permitted to park and end your trip in any of the parking lots at Grouse Mountain. There is no need to pay for parking as this is included in the cost of your trip. Double parking is NOT permitted.


Because this parkspot is a mountain, where legitimate safety concerns exist, overnight parking is generally not permitted; Grouse Mountain has a safety policy in effect whereby any vehicles left in the lot at the end of the day need to be investigated in case there are lost hikers in distress.

However, we also understand that you may not wish to return the vehicle to the Home Area. If you do not plan on taking the car2go back into the Home Area for any reason, simply inform Grouse Mountain’s Guest Services Office (using the contact numbers below) of this along with the license plate of the vehicle. Doing this will satisfy Grouse’s safety concerns and, importantly, prevents a search and rescue team from being dispatched for you.

Contact Numbers:

If you are not taking your car2go back to the Home Area after your visit, DO inform Grouse of this so that we are not worried that you are lost on the mountain. You can reach them:

  • From 8am to 8pm: Guest Services 604.998.4288
  • After hours (8pm – midnight): Base Operations 604.998.4206

Grouse Mountain is at 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4K9

June 25, 2014
car2go Wedding Story!

Congratulations to Kerry and Raymond, both car2go members who got married earlier this year. Below is their heartwarming story – thanks for sharing!

As we started the planning process of our special day earlier this year, both my bride-to-be and I were certain from the get-go that the day should be as simple and stress-free as possible.  We believed that the less things that could go wrong or we and our guests had to worry about, the more memorable it would be.

We knew we wanted to have a small ceremony with our immediate family at Les Amis du FROMAGE on East Hastings because we had enjoyed this special cheese shop on our first date, and then have a wedding luncheon at a bicycle-themed cafe called Musette on Pender Street downtown.

So when it came to arranging our get-a-way car, car2go was the obvious choice since we both were already members, and we wouldn’t have to worry about parking…or anything else. The lovely folks at car2go arranged it so that a pristine vehicle would be signed over to me the night before and I would be able to have it parked in front of Les Amis right after the ceremony.  We simply had to hop in and drive downtown to the Musette Caffe where not more than a block away were conveniently located parking stalls designated for car2go.

The day was exactly as we planned it.  A day we that we will remember for the rest of our lives. On that sunny and clear Spring day in April, we can still hear the honks from other vehicles and the waves from people as we drove home with our car2go and a sign on the back that read: Just Married.

Thank you so much for helping make our special day simple and happy.  We truly love car2go.

Kerry and Ray

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