YVR Airport Parking

Hello Vancouver Members,

We have big news to share! As of now you can start or end your trip in Richmond and the airport. Read on to see the new Home Area and how to use airport parking.

More car2gos

50 brand new Smart edition car2gos (with seat warmers!) have just hit the streets. That brings our fleet to 750 vehicles, the largest in North America!

Home Area Expansion to Richmond

The Home Area has expanded to now include Richmond City Centre. As of now you can start or end your trip in Richmond! Please note that you can start/end your trip in Richmond, Vancouver, or North Vancouver without having to take the vehicle back to where you started. To see the expanded Home Area with satellite parking locations, click here .

The parking rules in Richmond are the same as the ones in Vancouver and North Vancouver. You may end your trip at the following locations:

  • Areas with signs reading “No Parking Except with Permit” or “Resident Only Parking”
  • Areas with no signage/restrictions in the Home Area
  • Any area with no signage that is free of stopping/parking restrictions
  • Any designated car2go parking location (see below)

For a complete guide on parking do’s and don’ts, click .

Airport Access

We’ve partnered with Pacific Gateway Hotel to offer airport shuttle parking to and from the Vancouver International Airport (YVR)!

Note: A $7.50 drop off/pick up fee will be billed to your account for trips ending/starting at Pacific Gateway Hotel– this charge is in addition to your trip minutes.

Parking your car2go for departure from YVR:

  • Locate the nearest car2go to make your journey to the airport.
  • Drive your car2go to Pacific Gateway Hotel ( 3500 Cessna Dr, Richmond, BC V7B 1C7 ).
  • Enter the parking lot and follow the car2go parking signs to your right, where five designated parking stalls are located. Always end your trip in the designated car2go stalls first before parking in overflow . Note: Only one car per stall is permitted.
  • If the designated car2go stalls are full you may park in any unreserved space on the lot
  • Proceed to the front door of Pacific Gateway Hotel and wait for the shuttle to the airport. The airport shuttle picks up from the Hotel every 20 minutes starting at the top of the hour. The ride can be up to 10 min depending on the number of passengers. The cost of the shuttle is included in your drop off fee.

Picking up your car2go after arriving at YVR:

  • Upon arriving at the airport and picking up your luggage, open the car2go app on your smartphone to check the availability of cars at Pacific Gateway Hotel*. Be sure to reserve a car to avoid another member taking the vehicle. Reservations expire after 30 minutes and cannot be made again on the same vehicle once expired.
  • After you’ve reserved your car2go, head over to the courtesy shuttle pick-up & drop-off areas located at the green canopy outside of Arrivals Level 2 International Terminal Building and outside the Arrivals Level 1 Domestic Terminal Building.
  • Wait for the Pacific Gateway Hotel shuttle to pick you up. The driver will announce they are picking up car2go passengers. Shuttles depart YVR every 20 min to Pacific Gateway Hotel starting at 10 minutes past the hour. Do NOT rely on the shuttle driver to let you know if there is an available car2go at the Hotel. Check your app!
  • Stay on the shuttle and you will be dropped off at the front door of the Hotel. Your car2go will be located to the right of the hotel (West side of the parking lot) behind the hedges.
  • Drive back to the car2go Home Area and end your trip at your final destination. Do ensure you end your trip in an authorized parking location .

*Don’t have a smartphone? Call our 24/7 call centre at 1.855.454.1002, and we can locate and reserve a car for you.

Happy Driving!

Your car2go Vancouver Team

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